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We have been servicing and maintaining our customers vehicles from our Ripley garage near Woking for many decades. As we have thankfully finally emerged from wettest winter since records began, Methold’s is urging motorists to get their cars professionally checked. The past months extreme wet weather conditions have taken their toll on Surrey’s already pothole-ridden roads, increasing the risk of vehicle damage from debris such as mud, stones and tree branches, as well as potholes.

Ensuring you have a safe and reliable vehicle for the long Summer days ahead (lets’ hope so!) should be a priority NOW for many motorists. We are able to provide the expert, competitive repairs you require for virtually all motor manufacturer makes and models.

We provide a comprehensive fault finding and engine diagnostics service. We can perform engine, ABS, air bag diagnostics and fault code reading on car and van electrics and electrical equipment. We utilise the latest technology including Bosch KTS, Snap-on scanner, VAG.COM, and VAUXHALL.COM.

For customers who need a courtesy car we are happy to supply when required. (Pre-booking required, conditions apply, subject to availability). If you are a Ripley, Woking or Guildford resident and have never used us before to look after your vehicle we would be delighted to hear from you.

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