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Vehicle Air Conditioning

Vehicle Air Conditioning

Methold Motor Company provide an expert vehicle air conditioning service to customers throughout Surrey and in particular residents of Ripley, Woking and Guildford. 85% of all new vehicles now come with air conditioning as standard, and as such we are able to offer a complete range of services to ensure your system is running cleanly and safely. These range from an anti-bacterial clean to a full leak test and repair.

Hopefully Summer is finally here in 2014 and we can be confident in recommending that it is NOW the right time to carry out regular checks to maintain an efficient and cost-effective vehicle air conditioning system. Annual air-con checks are conducted by our specialist technicians to decontaminate your AC system and maintain air quality year-round.

At our Ripley workshop, located between Woking and Guildford, we offer a full air-con check up – particularly useful before the summer season starts – and full air conditioning servicing. A good quality air conditioning system will last the lifetime of the vehicle, but will require regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend it is serviced every two years.

Useful Tip: An easy way to test if you air con is working correctly is to put it on full and hold your finger over the vent for 10 seconds…. If it’s not freezing cold then you quite possibly need a re-gas!

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