DPF – Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning in Surrey

Methold Motor Company are your first call for diesel particulate filter cleaning in Surrey. Our advice is ‘Don’t replace your blocked DPF – CLEAN IT’! If you are experiencing any of the following faults then we can help. Methold in Ripley, Surrey are experts in giving you more miles, more performance and less pollution:

DPF Warning Light On
Vehicle in Limp Home Mode
Loss of Power
Broke Down Vehicle – Will Not Start Due to Blocked DPF

We are experts in utilising Tunap 131/132 which will help restore your vehicles DPF back to it’s original condition. Tunap 131/132 will reduce the soot mass sufficiently to allow a safe regeneration. Incorporating:

Diagnostic Check and Regeneration of the Filter
EGR System Check
Correct Sensor Function
Ensuring Regeneration Cycle is Fully Functional
Oil Change to Remove Contaminated Oil

We are based in Ripley, Surrey – midway between Guildford and Woking. For diesel particulate filter cleaning in Surrey call Methold’s first for a swift and effective resolution, saving you the money of a costly replacement unit.

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